• Ellen Byron

The Cajun Country Mystery Cocktail

It's my book birthday, and I'm celebrating by sharing the recipe for a brand-new cocktail. I have the great good fortune of being friends with one of Los Angeles' premiere mixologists, D Max Maxey, who also happens to be a huge fan of New Orleans. I asked him to invent a cocktail inspired by my series and he happily embraced the challenge. So, with gratitude and much thanks to Max, I bring you...



1 oz Bacardi 8 Rum

1 oz Smith and Cross Rum

½ oz Dolin Sweet Vermouth

½ oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

½ oz Suze

1 light bar-spoon Absinthe


Build the drink by adding each ingredient to an old-fashioned glass. Add block ice, if you have it. Otherwise, use regular ice. Stir to mix flavors and control the dilution. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.

As they say in Louisiana, laissez les bon temps rouler!!


© proudly created by Catherine Respess of Red Mare Enterprises

Photography by Jamie Johnson

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