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  • Ellen Byron

(Flash) Drive, she said.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I love swag, which is probably obvious from my newsletter contests. I always thought personalized flash drives would be a wonderful giveaway, so I did a little online research and came upon They had the most amazing collection of unique drives, but sadly my budget didn't allow me to live my dream. So imagine my excitement when they contacted me with an awesome offer. To show their support for authors - because they know we love our flash drives - they wanted to gift me with 25 featuring my logo. All I had to do was choose a style.

That was the hardest part because I couldn't decide. I like multi-purpose items, so I was torn between business card, pen, and keychain drives. In the end, the Fit drive seemed the best "Fit" for my logo.

When the box arrived, I was beyond excited.

I was even more excited when I saw how cute they were. AND that they came with 8 gigs of memory!

I said goodbye to my cheapo drives from local big box stores and embraced these beauties, which were superior in quality on every level. And they light up beautifully. I've had drives where I couldn't even tell whether or not they were working.

I'm going to share some of these cute flash drives with my readers through a contest in my upcoming newsletter, which should go out on Sunday. If you're interested in entering, you can sign up at And thanks,!

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