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  • Ellen Byron

Look, I made Vintage Cookbook Eyeglass Wipes!

I'm always looking for new ways to celebrate my books with readers. Given how expensive it is to mail even the smallest packages, I've had to cut back on items like pens or keychains, which can literally cost four times to mail what they cost to buy. But a friend turned me on to a wonderful site: You can design your own pattern and have it printed in many ways, including on a wide variety of fabrics.

I like to create useful swag, and considered purchasing eyeglass wipes. But ordering personalized ones proved cost-prohibitive. Then, brainstorm! With a pair of pinking shears and an order from Spoonflower, I could make my own. The first batch was too big, so they became great screen cleaners. (See solo cover wipe below.) But I nailed it with the second batch. (See double cover image below.)

And the third batch came out great too! Here's a video showing how I make them.

My homemade wipes have a short shelf life if you carry them in your purse, like I often do. They'll fray. So if you get one - or any homemade wipe - make them your at-home eyeglass cleaners. And if you're interested in reading BAYOU BOOK THIEF, the book that inspired them, click here.

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