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  • Ellen Byron

Talking About My Vintage Cookbooks - two from 1928 and 1950

My new Vintage Cookbook Mystery series, which launched with BAYOU BOOK THIEF, is inspired by my own collection of over 100 vintage cookbooks. I'm making videos to share a little about some of the cool cookbooks in my collection! Here are the first and second one - you can see I get better at it as I go, lol.

In video #1, I share about my 1928 cookbook, Photoplay 1928 Cook Book [sic] of the Stars. In the second video, I talk about the first vintage cookbooks I ever bought, the 1950 edition of the Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places.

I hope you're as fascinated by these blasts from our culinary pasts as I am!


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