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Turkey Dinner-in-a-Braid - a Leftovers Recipe from mystery author Ellen Byron/Maria DiRico

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Dear readers I am so very thankful for,

It's that time of year! The time when I share with you my famous post-Thanksgiving recipe...

You know all those leftovers you have from Thanksgiving dinner? Guess what? You can use pretty much all of them in this recipe for Turkey-Dinner-in-a-Braid. The fact I don't have a better photo of the final product doesn't take away from its deliciousness. See the recipe below...


2 crescent roll packages (or use the new crescent roll dough packages instead)

2 cups turkey chopped

1 cup chopped broccoli, peas, or string beans

1 cup diced potatoes (optional)

1 cup stuffing

2 teaspoons gravy

½ cup cranberry sauce

½ cup mayonnaise

1 egg white, slightly beaten

2 tablespoons French-fried onions (the kind you use in a green bean casserole)


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Mix the turkey, gravy, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce together in a medium bowl.

Line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper, leaving a few inches of overhand on each side.

Open and unroll the crescent roll doughs one at a time. Arrange the first horizontally across the width of the pan toward the top, then lay the second one below it, and seal them both together either with a rolling pin or clean fingers.

Cut the long sides of the dough into strips about 3” deep and 1 ½” wide. Important: you want to leave around 6” in the center for the filling, so adjust the strips accordingly.

Spoon the turkey mixture evenly over the middle section of dough. Layer on top of the turkey:

The stuffing, potatoes (if you choose to use them), and your green vegetable.

To braid the dough, lift the first two strips across from each other so that they meet in the center, twist each strip once, and then lay them both down on the filling. (You may have to pull or pinch the dough a bit to stretch it.) Continue to do this until you’ve twisted all the strips. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. Tuck the ends of the braid up to seal it on both ends. Brush the braid with the egg white, and sprinkle with the French-fried onions.

Bake 20-30 minutes, until a deep golden brown. You may want to leave it in a little longer to make sure the dough on the bottom cooks through or cook it a bit longer at 350 degrees instead of 375. Just make sure the top doesn't get too dark.

You can either serve it on the cookie tray or lift up both sides of the parchment paper to gently move the braid onto a serving dish.

Serves 8-10.

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