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Writer Workshops
Writers, if you're interested in having your organization book me to lead a workshop, here are five I currently offer...


 15 Ways to Add Humor to Your Writing

In this workshop, I share fifteen-plus easy-to-implement tips and workshop exercises on how to find and mine the funny in any manuscript, culled from years of writing sitcoms. I also offer an insider’s view of what it’s like to work as a television writer.

Adding Humor and Heart to Your Writing

Similar to the workshop above, but with an added focus on when and how to add moments that will move readers.

The Organics of Outlining 

An organic approach to outlining that inspires creative storytelling. I guide participants through the process of turning a logline into a synopsis that will eventually grow into both a fluid and a cutting outline.

The Magic of Setting

Evocative settings can add atmosphere and dimension to your writing. I use improvisational writing exercises to help participants discover the beauty and value of setting in both their lives and work.

Are You Interested or Committed?

This question is a game changer in life as well as career. Let's take an honest look at your manuscripts, your ideas, your work habits, your life choices, and figure out where your passion truly lies so you can move from "interested" to "committed."
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